We Collaborate
through continued sharing and learning...

Verb: work jointly on an activity or project.

“they collaborated to plan a joint INSET day “

Similar: cooperate, join (up), team up, get together



The Education Learning Trust works through partnerships in our broader community to support professional development and innovation in practice.


These partners include education and professional consultants, national research groups (ASPE, BERA, BELMAS), professional associations including the Charted College and local networks e.g. Greater Manchester Learning Partnership (GMLP).


All these partners contribute to the rich tapestry of work undertaken by the Education Learning Trust.


Joint Partnerships with ASPE and UCL – Curriculum Research


During 2019-21, the Education Learning Trust has completed a 'Curriculum Matters' research project with schools. Part of this work has been funded by ASPE.


The research across the MAT has explored how the process of concept mapping can act as a visual tool to support pupils’ ability to articulate the ‘powerful knowledge’ they acquire. Our research leads attended a workshop with Professor Ian Kinchin at the University of Surrey and disseminated these techniques to the research group.


Across phases, pupils used concept mapping through the journey of an historical unit. Staff observed that concept mapping “Facilitated discussion with the children and identified a number of key factors to accelerate learning and develop deeper understanding of knowledge and connectivity” (Gatley Primary School).


Next steps were also identified which included the use of “Visual representation of the concept map so it is live and can be added to and layered as the process evolves.” (Meadowbank Primary School) and “Develop concept mapping as a model for assessing in KS3.” (The Kingsway School).


Children’s Agency and the Curriculum: Research Policy and Practice (November 2020)


The Trust shared their curriculum model to wider stakeholders at a recent national seminar sponsored by ASPE and University College London (UCL). Professor Dominic Wyse introduced the seminar held with representatives from HEI’s, OFSTED, ASPE, MATs, Greater Manchester Learning Partnership and schools. The Education Learning Trust introduced the theme of ‘pupil agency’ led by the CEO and our learners as they shared their understanding of ‘choice’ and how this impacts on their own wellbeing and opportunities within their learning environment. A full conference on Children’s Agency will be held in Greater Manchester to further develop this theme with UCL and ASPE.


Published Research from the Education Learning Trust


Gemma Norman has recently had an article published in the Chartered College Impact journal, which was written with Dr Yana Manyukhina and Professor Dominic Wyse in ‘Pupil Agency in action: Developing Curriculum and Pedagogy’.


All of our schools are the heart of their local communities and our students embrace their role as socially responsible young citizens.


Make Your Mark - Gatley Primary School


In March 2020, every child participated in a whole school project named ‘Make Your Mark’. Classes from all over the school collaborated on projects designed to give something back to their local community.


The projects included:


• Making blankets for the local vet

• Collecting food and raising money for a foodbank

• Making planters to sell in order to raise funds for the local conservation group Gatley Carrs

• Writing their very own Gatley song

• Designing and making Gatley community chairs

• Decorating plant pots and handing them out to businesses who help the community

• Designing a healthy menu item for local restaurant The Spinn

• Framing photographs of the local area to sell with all proceeds being donated to a local cause


Reaching Out - Meadowbank Primary School


Meadowbank Primary School’s connection with its community has remained strong during lockdown and subsequent restrictions. They share time with those they cannot see online and have lots of ways fun ways to keep connected. Children learning at home and in school have pinned brightly decorated hands to their windows so when families go for walks they can enjoy a wave from their friends. Their children have not forgotten their elderly friends in the local care home either. They may not be able to visit at the moment but they can share waves with them and write letters.




The MUFC Foundation - Werneth School


Werneth School partner with The Manchester United Foundation. The Foundation are keen to support vulnerable families, and once again worked with the school to deliver food parcels to those families who are struggling with this current situation. 60 food parcels were delivered by Werneth staff directly to families.


Hearts for Homes - Bredbury Green Primary School


Bredbury Green Primary School were made aware of a project called ‘Hearts For Homes’. We have all made sacrifices during Lockdown, but the citizens living in the care home sector have had to make more than most. They have been particularly challenged by isolation and not being able to see family. As Christmas approached, they discussed with the children how the elderly citizens may feel and what they could do to support them at such a special, but under the circumstances, challenging time. The children decided that they could send a Christmas decoration with a heart shaped theme. Each class. from Nursery through to Year 6, made a different type of Christmas decoration which was then taken by the School Council to their local care home. The residents were so impressed and touched that they wanted to return the Christmas wishes by creating their own artwork which was then delivered to school. Hopefully this is the start of a lovely relationship and the school looks forward to working with them again post-pandemic.