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NPQs are now in progress

NPQs are in progress via face-to-face and online sessions. Both facilitators and participants enjoyed the fruitful discussions and sharing of experiences throughout these sessions, strengthening their skills and expertise in specialised areas.

Please follow this link for information on each individual programme delivered by the Education Learning Trust.

Why choose us?

  • Imparts an in-depth understanding of latest curriculum and Ofsted principles to support schools in day to day practice.

  • 20 delegates per cohort max, ensuring a high level of support and engagement.

  • Face to face training at outstanding schools in Stockport & Manchester

  • Ofsted endorsed lead provider

'Facilitators and partnership leaders understand the content of the curriculum and precisely how this must be delivered.'

'Leaders use participants' view to genuinely shape the future of the programme.'

Ofsted July 2022

ELT INSET Day - 30 Oct 2023

Thank you to all our amazing and dedicated staff for their inspiration and participation today at our second ELT INSET. 



Almost 500 staff from our schools attended the event and shared their experiences and thoughts with each other.

We shared the nine Trust Principles which were developed following work with our colleagues at the Trust Inset in 2022.

ELT Principles.jpg
Mck Waters.jpg

Thank you to our guest speaker Mick Waters who shared his insight into our nine Trust Principles as well as sharing his vision of what makes a school effective.

Vanessa McManus presented the ELT Professional Development Pathway which has been developed to offer CPD opportunities for all staff within our organisation.

Learning Journey.jpg

Our ITT and ECT Framework has been developed by our Trust ITE Managers, Claire Coleman and Blaire Murray.

Colleagues from each school presented their research:
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