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Our Vision

"We are a community of learners.  We COLLABORATE with all stakeholders to enable them to learn new skills so we can ACHIEVE together, enable everyone to be a leader and EMPOWER staff to make a difference for our children."
Michelle Murray Chief Executive Officer

The Education Learning Trust Principles




Our Intent
Our Schools' Intent 


Education Learning Trust is a unique and ambitious learning community who COLLABORATE and support each other to achieve ambitious goals in our education and career. As a family of schools we EMPOWER everyone and interact cohesively to demonstrate our exceptional commitment to both personal and academic development which is grounded in growth and succession.  Together, we ACHIEVE exceptionally through our commitment to an inclusive and inspiring environment awakening our ambition for all learners.  Our clear learning framework provides guidance and is underpinned by creative opportunities which focus on how we can achieve in every facet of education whether that be as an adult or child. 

This defines what the curriculum and learning experience is for everyone in the Education Learning Trust.

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