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We Achieve
through consistently working hard...

Verb: achieve; 3rd person present: achieves; past tense: achieved; past participle: achieved; gerund or present participle: achieving

successfully bring about or reach (a desired objective or result) by effort, skill, or courage.

“they achieved more than they had ever thought they could”

Similar: attain, reach, arrive at, realise, carry off, bring about, accomplish, carry through, fulfil

The data published in our Annual Report is benchmarked against the national average (2019) and previous year's performance. Primary school outcomes are reported collectively in line with the DfE MAT performance data. (Three primary schools for 3 years in the Trust).

Arrows denote how these outcomes compare to the academy’s previous performance in 2019. ‘Disadvantaged percentage’ refers to the proportion of pupils eligible for free school meals at any time during the past 6 years.

ELT Primary Academies

% Expected Standard

ELT primary academies.png

ELT Primary Academies

% Higher Standard

ELT primary academies higher standards.png

Overall the MAT has sustained performance in all key stages. In key stage 2, improvements are particularly evident in % pupils achieving higher standards in all core subjects, which has impacted on the RWM combined scores in 2021 (+4%). Individual school trends within RWM combined at the higher standard.

Individual Primary Acadamies

Bredbury Green Primary

OFSTED: Requires Improvement - Sponsored Academy

Bredbury Green Primary School.png

During 2019/20, there has been significant improvements in pupil outcomes by the end of Key Stage 2, based on prior attainment. In 2021, focus was placed increasing % of pupils Achieving the higher standard in RWM combined at the Higher standard which increased from 17% to 24%.

Gatley Primary

OFSTED: Outstanding

Gatley Primary School.png

Gatley Primary has sustained overall performance over four years at the RWM combined at expected standard, and an upward trend in RWM at the higher standard.

Meadowbank Primary


Meadowbank Primary School.png

In 2020/21, % pupils achieve RWM combined improved at the expected standard (60%–80%) and there was an upward trend at the higher standard (10%–25%). These % figures are inclusive of pupils based in resourced provision.

Secondary Academies Overall

In line with the DfE MAT Performance Measures, the secondary schools are reported separately.

Individual Secondary Academies

The Kingsway School

OFSTED: Good (Joined 1/11/20)

Kingsway school.png

Werneth School

OFSTED: Inadequate

Werneth School.png

During 2020-21, % of pupils achieving attainment 8 has increased at Key stage 4 to 42.83%.

During 2020-21, % of pupils achieving attainment 8 has continued to increase at Key stage 4, which is a trend between 2018-21.

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