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Kate Gillan




Kate is a qualified secondary English teacher, specialising in the KS5 English curriculum. She has a MA from the University of Glasgow and a post-graduate teaching qualification from the University of Strathclyde. Kate worked in schools in Glasgow, Stirling, Bury and Stockport for 8 years and was Deputy Head of English before leaving to gain experience of the education sector as a Civil Servant. Kate has worked for the Regional Schools Commissioner for Lancashire and West Yorkshire at the Department for Education for a little over 3 years as a Delivery Team Leader, working with academy trusts and local authorities to convert vulnerable schools into strong sponsor trusts. Kate’s professional experience has provided her with a detailed understanding of the secondary education and academies sector. 


Kate joins the ELT trust board having been a trustee at The Abney Trust for the past two years. During this time, she has been part of Kingsway’s journey to joining ELT and has developed a clear vision for ELT as a community focused trust which supports its young people throughout their school life.


Since leaving teaching, Kate has also worked with a local charity (Insight Innovations) as a mentor to young care leavers. Apart from being rewarding, this work has enabled Kate to understand the needs of young people from a care and pastoral perspective, provided her with strategies and tools to support young people going through difficult experiences.


Kate is committed to putting her experience as a mentor, and from her time as a teacher and trustee, to good use in her local community by continuing as a trustee at ELT. Kate is keen to champion collaboration between all schools in the trust as it grows, ensuring the trust continues to provide the best education and support to all its young people.


Term of Appointment:


23 September 2020 - 22 September 2024


Appointed by:


Trust Board


Trustee area(s) of responsibility:




Declaration of Business and / or Financial interests:



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